Eco-catering....My 8 top tips

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Next up in the eco-wedding tips series is where I talk about various ways we can be eco-conscious when it comes to catering for your wedding. Did you know that the venue and food leaves the biggest impact to the environment? Don't fret, I am not suggesting that your guests munch on carrot sticks, but am hoping that the below suggestions will help you when designing your menu and selecting your catering company. Whilst still having mouth watering and delicious food. Its about being conscious about where and how we source our food that can make a huge difference.

1. Choose seasonal produce and locally produced produce

When looking at your menu options, look at what is in season and locally produced. This not only guarantees tastier and fresher veg, but benefits our environment too! The closer the produce is to your venue, reducing the need for preservatives and pesticides the less time in refrigeration and the fresher and tastier your menu.

Choosing wine from the region can be fun! You may get to taste wines that you have never tasted, and here in the fairest Cape, there are over 800 vineyards to choose from. I personally love discovering a hidden gem, and supporting the local community around us.

2. Choosing free range fish and meats

Be mindful when selecting meat and fish and try to ensure that they are free range. Besides kinder to our animals and our environment, better for us too to avoid unnecessary toxins and bad substances entering our bodies.

3. Pair down your food menu

I have seen waste after weddings and to avoid having left overs thrown in the bin, look at ways to pair down your food menu. Having your guests choose between options beforehand also lessens waste the next day.

4. Harvest tables

This is a lovely idea for canapes and guests can graze on local cheeses, preserves, pate's, nuts etc, while you are off at your photo shoot, and still leaving space for the delicious meal ahead.

5. Say no to plastic

Avoid using plastic at your wedding and ask your caterers to do the same. There are alternative options available such as biodegradable straws.

6. Composting and recycling

When searching for venues and caterers, ask whether they compost and recycle. If they are not currently doing so they may be encouraged to start composting and recycling.

7. Vegan and vegetarian

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you could have a vegan or vegetarian menu. It is your special day and important that your personality shines in every way possible, and for the guests, its only a day out of their lives and they could see all the fun options available.

8. Crockery

There is so much available for hiring crockery, glassware and utensils. If you wedding is a picnic style or rustic style have a look at the bamboo options. I recently came across plates made out of palm leaves from the Whole Leaf Co in London, and they make quite an earthy statement.

I hope that these tips have been useful, if you have any other handy ideas, leave them in the comments below. Happy planning!

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