In the next installment of this series we take a look at how we can make flower arrangements in an eco-friendly way. So what does this mean?

Think the Royal Wedding, the flowers used for their arrangements were sourced from the royal gardens and the blooms were all locally grown and within season. And after the wedding, the arrangements were donated to hospices so they were re-purposed. Wherever you are in the world, try and utilise flowers and plants that have been grown locally and within season. Local flowers have a far lower carbon footprint than imported flowers as they use less fossil fuel during transportation and also less electricity during refrigeration. This can also save you costs as well as support the traders in the local communities. And your blooms will be much fresher! Try to think of sustainable ideas for your arrangements, to avoid wastage the next day. Your heart will be heavy if you see all your gorgeous arrangements end up in the bin, so proactively think of what you will be doing with the blooms after your wedding, as most venues do not include this as part of their services, unless it ends up being composted.

I recently met with Lauren from My Green Love Affair who is a lady after my own heart. She is a unique and innovative floral designer and stationery designer for beautiful minimal waste weddings whilst giving back to the community! Her work incorporates locally grown and seasonal blooms and are to die for! She also has a catalogue of beautiful decor items for hire that incorporates up-cycling, recycling, re-purposing whist supporting local upliftment projects to help with these creations. Take a look at her catalogue. I love her ethos and it completely resonates with what I do and am trying to achieve. Below are some of her beautiful creations.

For a Mediterranean atmosphere, I personally love the idea of having potted herbs in all varieties that can serve as wedding favours, as seen on Pinterest below. It provides a beautiful Tuscan feeling, like out of Shakespeare's, "A midsummer nights dream"!

And how about using hanging plants and kokedames and perhaps even hiring these?

If you live in a country that is short of water and experiencing drought, think of hardy and drought resistant options.

I hope you enjoyed this week's inspiration, stay tuned for more over the next few weeks!

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