Eco-wedding favours!

I have been excited about doing this post for a while, as I have come across some amazing ideas and the list will continue to grow, I imagine! Wedding favours, in my opinion, will not make or break a wedding. If budget is scarce, then this is something that can be ditched.

However if you are willing to spend budget on it, make it something that is eco-friendly and one that can be immediately used! And we can find ways to make it budget conscious too :)

Here are my top 5 eco-wedding favour tips!

1. Ditch packaging rich products, especially if its plastic! If you need to package, look at recyclable ways!

2. Give something local, useful and environmentally friendly.

3. If you are not sold on having wedding favours, use the money to donate to an environmentally friendly charity, and have this written somewhere like on a chalkboard, your guests will be impressed by this!

4. If you are planning a destination wedding, how about organizing a give-back day. with your guests. From wildlife excursions educating them about the local wild life to planting trees. Depending on your budget, this could be for their own account of course! I just think its a wonderful initiative.

5. Give something that is reusable and that can be re-purposed after the wedding. Or something edible that can be immediately enjoyed.

Here is a list of useful ideas and items to give as wedding favours which will serve a s a feast for all senses:

1. Small potted plants or potted herbs that were used as the table décor. This depends on whether you are doing a local wedding or not and whether guests will be easily be able to take these back.

2. Indigenous seed packets of the local area and seeds of flowers used in the arrangements. This is lovely as its easily transportable and especially if it is a destination wedding guests can be reminded of your beautiful arrangements in their gardens.

3. Local coffee and loose tea bags. This can serve as a wonderful delight and momento to be used back home.

4. Bottle of local wines sourced from the area for each guest with your wedding date on it.

5. Bottle of olive oil from the area.

6. Local artisinal jams, preserves and olives in jars.

7. Boxes of fudge or date balls.

8. Essential oils, if you used an essential oil in the ceremony or reception, give a sample to each guest that can transport them back to your special day!

9. Organic scented candles.

10. Sobering up kits

11. Growing seed paper calendars, bookmarks, coasters, notepads, planters.

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