Hire an eco-wedding planner!

Looking to create a wedding that is not only beautiful, but sustainable, environmentally friendly and saving you money in the process? Well then look no further. Here we discuss what we mean by an eco-wedding planner (eco-planner) and the benefits of planning a green wedding, (which are many, so I will keep it short, I promise!). An eco-wedding needn't be tacky or limiting. In fact the more we explore options, the more endless the possibilities become. Its just the way that we consider things, that we do differently :)

1. What is an eco-planner?

Now this is not a widespread term, in fact I am yet to come across other planners in Cape Town or South Africa focusing on just eco-friendly weddings.

People are starting to become more environmentally aware about what is happening to our environment. South Africa is not as advanced as the Northern Hemisphere when it comes to recycling, however we are getting there. People are becoming more conscious about the sustainability and impact on our environment through consumerism. We are all realizing the effect of plastic waste, and trying where we can to minimize this.

So whilst a wedding is a once-off event, there is still an impact to the environment. The venue and food leaves the largest impact to the environment. So, if you have people travelling from across the globe, how about off setting the carbon emissions by making your wedding less of an impact to the environment, but still a happy and memorable impact to your guests :)

Eco which is short for environmentally friendly simply means "not harmful to the environment". Planner means "a person who makes plans". So this is someone who will consider options for you that are less harmful to the environment and planning your wedding in the process!

I am an eco-planner, you can read more about me and what I do on the following pages on my website.


Eco & Green

2. Lets talk benefits of an eco-friendly wedding!

Every week I provide useful eco-tips for your wedding, so the details you will find in this blog on a weekly basis. There I go in-depth for each section of your wedding according to your timeline.

Saves on costs

Green weddings means you buy less, focus more on real meaning vs. bling and get to lower costs and reduce stress all at the same time.

Friendlier to your environment

Resources such as materials, energy, water and more can be splurged on or conserved. Pollution can be reduced (or increased). Why not reduce the carbon footprint?

Green businesses grow people support them

Helping the local farmers when using their local produce for your menu and beverages.

Helping the local community by using their skills for products and services, leading to a more sustainable community.

Start a healthy life together

If you are not already doing it, this may encourage you to keep on finding ways to reduce waste and help save the planet on a daily basis!

Green weddings are fun and creative

Your wedding need not look like a DIY or budget wedding, but one can explore unique ideas, and you might even start a trend in the process! And nature has the most beautiful decorative elements!

Encourages businesses to recycle and compost

When searching for the right venue, one of the key questions to ask, is whether they recycle and compost. If they are not already doing it, you may inspire them to go green when performing your enquiry.

Reduces waste

Lets talk after the wedding. The most disheartening part is seeing the left over flowers and food gone to waste. It's money down the drain, and there is no one to enjoy what people took hours if not days to create. Your flowers can be donated to charities, hospices, old age homes where people can enjoy them. The food can be donated to animal shelters. But planning an eco-wedding avoids having anything left over and thrown in the bin, and there are options that I will be exploring in future blog posts as part of this series.

I hope that you found this article informative, and I would love to hear more from you, please feel free to leave some comments below.

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