My Eco- Conscious Tips for your Wedding

Updated: May 21, 2018

I am thrilled to launch a collection of Eco-Conscious Wedding Tips! Every week I will reveal new tips to make your wedding more earth conscious, environmentally friendly, green, money saving, incorporating up cycling, recycling and reducing waste. Lets start at the very beginning, the Rings!

1. Your Rings

This is the start of your wedding journey, the "Yes" is the moment you start putting your dreams in motion for your wedding day. As a partner planning a proposal, when designing that dream ring, consider where the metal and the stones come from. Make sure that the metals that you use and the stones that are sourced are ethical, fair trade and conflict free. Ask the jeweller what certifications are in place for the source of the materials. This will ensure that the earth is not damaged in the extraction process and that improved health and safety standards are in place for the use of labour. Make sure that the diamonds or gem stones are sourced from the worlds most responsible mines. When looking at the metals, you could use recycled gold, platinum, titanium or palladium.

When searching for ethical wedding bands, I came across this very simple and beautiful design from a jeweller based in New Zealand called Ash Hilton Jewellry. It is an Ethical Rose Gold Ring with small trees engraved next to a diamond. Have a look at their website at for inspiration!

When designing the rings, how about asking your family to donate a piece of their old unused gold jewellery, diamonds and gemstones, instead of giving gifts? This has the added benefit of not only being Eco-Conscious but keeping those family members close to you in a very special way.

Even the box you receive your ring in could be considered, whether from recycled wood or from a vintage goods shop.

Antique jewellery shops and vintage markets have an array and selection of beautiful rings. I can look for hours at all the beautiful stones, settings, designs from bygone eras. Even some modern rings can be found. This is a great way of re-purposing, and easier on the pocket than purchasing and designing a brand new ring.

If you have inherited an heirloom, consider using that, if appropriate. Such as the Duchess of Cambridge who has Princess Diana's engagement ring as her engagement ring, It is a beautiful piece but also there is a part of Diana that is present.

I have an inherited ring as my engagement ring, it is very precious to me as it was left to me by my Dearest Grandmother Honor. I first fell in love with this ring when I was just 4 years old, my beautiful Grandmother had an eye for gorgeous antique jewellery, and I remember sitting on her lap gazing at the stones twinkling in this heart shaped ring on her perfectly manicured hands. She remembered that moment and how special to receive this special heirloom, which was used by my husband in his proposal. A moment cherished forever.

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