What type of bride are you?

Updated: May 21, 2018

Welcome to the "What type of bride are you?" series. Over the next few days I will uncover more themes. I have put together some descriptions to help define the themes and styles that you are after. This is also to help someone that is struggling to come up with a concept that best fits their personality, so I am hoping this series will help! I have also chosen some real brides, some lovely friends of mine that suited certain eras and styles, as a source of inspiration, as they just rocked it! Also it is very useful when guiding your Wedding Planner, as to what your heart desires. This is by no means to peg someone into a box, but really a guide and a source of inspiration, since we are all unique in our styles and personalities!

1. Old Hollywood Glamour

This is someone described as timeless and retro. They are classy with an edgy demeanor and they'll remind you of the golden age of Hollywood. They exude an elegance and having a timeless or retro spirit or personality, like in those classic movies. Think Breakfast at Tiffany's, think Grace Kelly, a modern take, think of Lana Del Ray. The feature below is my friend Juliet, an artist with a beautiful retro soul. Look how she rocked Old Hollywood Glamour with a touch of Whimsy on her wedding day. Her dress is a classic vintage piece from the 1950's, bought in London. I was at her wedding and my jaw dropped as she walked down the isle to the theme song of Edward Scissorhands. Paired with her retro 60's hair and make-up, she exuded such timelessness and elegance, with her retro and artistic spirit. Juliet is an astounding artist, visit Instagram to see her jewellery range (@rock.my.world.jewellry) and her artwork.

2. Parisian Chic

There is something so alluring about Paris, I had dreamt about visiting until I honeymooned there in 2013. Its a place unique unto its own, an elegance, a romance. Think macarons and French Champagne, elegant people adoring the streets. The Eiffel Tower a sparkling beauty. My friend Karlene, has that je ne sais quoi. She has that Parisian Style, and was an elegant Parisian Princess on her wedding day, with a hint of South African charm reflecting in her bouquet. She very cleverly created her own headpiece too!

3. Vintage

This is someone that draws inspiration from decades past, think Audrey Hepburn. Think antique, feminine styling with muted color palettes and lots of lace, burlap, linen and delicate flowers. Whenever I meet with Claire, another friend of mine, I feel transported back in time, like we are sitting somewhere in the 1940's. She embraced this look on her wedding day, with such beauty and grace. She once told me that her dress was a last minute find from an antique shop, its one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. Unique, soft and delicate. She is a very talented lady, she makes bespoke garters and mens bow-ties and ties for weddings, have a look here at her site! She made the delicate lace headpiece for her wedding as seen below.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you return again soon for the next blog post in this series!

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