What type of bride are you.... (Part 2)

This week the whole world has focused on one wedding in particular, the Royal Wedding! So I thought it would be very apt to incorporate the classic white wedding into my themes for this week, it may be a little Royal Wedding overload at this point but for die-hards like me, I can swoon over those pics at any time!

I am creating these descriptions to help brides put together themes and draw inspiration to come up with their unique styles. If they have a wedding planner, this will help them with the task of creating a wedding tailored to their unique styles.

4. Classic white wedding

Did you know that the white wedding dress originated from Great Britain, when Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress to her wedding in 1840? Imagine a venue filled white décor, floral arrangements, linens and furniture. There may be a metallic or pastel accent, but overall the palette is light and airy with different textures thrown in to mix things up. This is definitely more formal, and as I can't get enough of the Royal Wedding I will sneak more pictures in! This theme is quite versatile, as you can go modern or vintage with your dress. Looking at the new Duchess of Sussex, her dress is reminiscent of a 60's Audrey Hepburn. What must be pointed out particularly with this dress made by the house of Givenchy, it has a sculpted effect, with hidden seams and many hours to create a unique piece. With a white wedding the focus is on the dress, and you can wear a dress that reflects your unique style, and you will be sure to stand out!

5. Romantic

Think pastel palettes in barely there colours like blush, champagne and soft pink, with flowy ethereal dresses. This palette can be paired with rose gold and copper decor beautifully. And can be paired against soft grey tones, teal and navy too. This is a very feminine style that is delicate and luxurious. Roses in muted colours complete this theme paired with soft greenery.

Courtesy French Style Bride

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