Wedding Day Package

Here I help you with everything that occurs on the physical wedding day.  I don't get involved in any of the planning and the logistics beforehand, but I am your fairy who takes care of all your needs on your special day.

Wedding Day Package Duties
  • We meet a week before your wedding day where you handover all your suppliers and vendors that you have confirmed.  This list is required for me to coordinate with your suppliers on your special day.

  • A copy of your timeline is requested in order for me to ensure that all the events run seamlessly.

  • Details of your MC is provided to me so that I can liaise with him/her on your wedding day.

  • Final seating plans, guest counts and catering for guests is provided to me so that I can ensure this is in order on your wedding day.

  • Any visuals such as seating plans, decor arrangements to be provided to me.

  • I can assist with bespoke styling and very basic flower arranging.

Choose the Wedding Day Package if......

  • You are highly organised, creative and you prefer to do all the planning and logistics yourself.

  • You have done all the planning and sourcing but need a fairy to take this over for you on your wedding day according to your plans.

  • You need someone to execute on the styling and coordinating.

  • You have sourced everything and checked that everything has arrived.

  • This package includes one consultation and two free calls.

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